Sunday, 23 August 2009

LCD Enclosures Used to Protect LCD and Plasma Displays in Industrial and Retail Sectors.

When any type of digital signage is deployed to a location is susceptible to vandalism, take the deployment on a factory floor, the electronics that are not protected are vulnerable to abuse, theft and vandalism, what is the best way to protect them would be to enclose them in a special LCD enclosures, these protect all the electronics from unauthorised access.

Theft Protection.

These provide protection, firstly the TV mounts to a special frame, this frame has security screws in it that needs a specific tool to be removed, once the TV is mounted and secured into position the cables enter the enclosure and the enclosure is locked.

Vandal Protection.

Well when anyone sees a digital sign, they presume the vulnerable part to be the screen, however there are units that are designed (and do) resist the impact of a standard house brick.

Touch Screen Display.

This is an interactive touch resistant film that is attached to the rear of the access door, so people can use their finger as a mouse and the film is accurate to 0.5mm. It is basically plug and play once attached to the screen. There are two types of touch resistant film the 4 wire and the 5 wire, the later being the better option as there is more wire in any square on the display making it more accurate.

These are easily deployed and integrated into any Industrial or Retail application.

Dust or Waterproof Solutions.

When any electronics need protecting from dust or fluid, depending upon if the solution, there are 2 main categories IP56 (dust proof and splash proof) or IP65 (waterproof – washed down with a high pressure water jet). IP65 is the European standard and is the nearest equivalent to NEMA 4X the USA standard.