Tuesday, 29 December 2009

LCD Enclosures, Education & Digital Signage

Take a look at the forward thinking schools, corporations and institutions and you will see they have discovered how to communicate more effectively. Find out how you can use digital signage to learn and teach via a digital medium.

Dynamic signs are being deployed every where and this is changing the way education professionals communicate, making it much easier for both faculty and students to communicate and much more cost effective.

Some campuses have created additional revenue from these signs, selling chunks of advertising space on the screens. This is not limited to just education, any place that uses printed signage, such as bus shelters, pay phone booths, shopping malls and tops of gas pumps have the potential to improve their worth by upgrading and using dynamic digital messaging.

Take note of the challenges.
It sounds almost too easy to deploy a digital signage campaign in a college campus, we all (well mostly) have flat panel screens at home, we have taken them home and plugged them in and got them working, so deploying a signage system cannot but much more difficult – can it?

Home cinema and dynamic signage using flat panel displays are similar in looks, however different in many other ways.

Content strategy has to start from the very beginning and the content that will be distributed throughout the network will differ throughout the enterprise, with variations from screen orientation, do you want it in landscape or portrait? Display size, will you be using 36”, 42 or 65 inch displays?

There is also the vandalism aspect to consider too, in all walks of life there is a small minority of people who will vandalise things that others enjoy using, one of the quickest, easiest and cost effective ways to protect from this element is to put the flat panel display into either a plasma or LCD enclosure.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and fully welded these are designed to deter the most violent attacks from rocks, bricks, footballs and occasionally gun fire! These units provide a safe environment for the displays and media players as they are cooled and even heated as they require.

These outdoor TV boxes are second to none for protecting the display inside.

LCD Enclosure Global are the worlds leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures, these are supplied to the top digital signage installers throughout America, Australia, Europe and the UK. They have also launched a self service kiosk at a cost effective price.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Enclosure Kiosk – Standard or custom units?

When a client decides to deploy a kiosk, the easy part is done. Now is the time you are bombarded with questions and here are the answers to those questions.

You will certainly be asked, “what sort of enclosure to be used? What works best? And how much will it cost?” The best answer is that it depends upon the application, location and funding.

Enclosure design is one of the key factors in selecting an enclosure, these are perfect for standard enclosures that are pre built offering a wide range of functionality, these are produced in quantities by the manufacturers.

A custom enclosure are unique, they are purpose built for a specific task to match the customers demands. These tend to have a longer lead in period and certainly cost more than a standard enclosure, as all the bends, welds and cutting settings are one offs requiring individual attention throughout production.

Custom units are less common due to the cost implications; however they do allow companies considerable latitude on design. Enclosure manufacturers estimate that roughly 80 percent of their product is for standard units.

A quick look guide on comparing custom with standard enclosures.

Standard Kiosk Features Custom Kiosk Features
Pre designed Unique designed
Pre built exteriors Specific look and feel
Quick to produce Longer lead time
Lower cost Higher cost

You can have the most elaborate kiosk, but if the software is no good or difficult to use, you are wasting your money. You will also need to bear in mind location, footprint and application.

For example a kiosk that is wall mounted may not be suitable for an application that calls for the kiosk to be floor standing.

LCD Enclosure Global are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of outdoor TV boxes and supply everything from video walls to interactive kiosks.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

LCD Enclosures Used to Protect LCD and Plasma Displays in Industrial and Retail Sectors.

When any type of digital signage is deployed to a location is susceptible to vandalism, take the deployment on a factory floor, the electronics that are not protected are vulnerable to abuse, theft and vandalism, what is the best way to protect them would be to enclose them in a special LCD enclosures, these protect all the electronics from unauthorised access.

Theft Protection.

These provide protection, firstly the TV mounts to a special frame, this frame has security screws in it that needs a specific tool to be removed, once the TV is mounted and secured into position the cables enter the enclosure and the enclosure is locked.

Vandal Protection.

Well when anyone sees a digital sign, they presume the vulnerable part to be the screen, however there are units that are designed (and do) resist the impact of a standard house brick.

Touch Screen Display.

This is an interactive touch resistant film that is attached to the rear of the access door, so people can use their finger as a mouse and the film is accurate to 0.5mm. It is basically plug and play once attached to the screen. There are two types of touch resistant film the 4 wire and the 5 wire, the later being the better option as there is more wire in any square on the display making it more accurate.

These are easily deployed and integrated into any Industrial or Retail application.

Dust or Waterproof Solutions.

When any electronics need protecting from dust or fluid, depending upon if the solution, there are 2 main categories IP56 (dust proof and splash proof) or IP65 (waterproof – washed down with a high pressure water jet). IP65 is the European standard and is the nearest equivalent to NEMA 4X the USA standard.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Learn How Airports are using Digital Signage.

One of the prime reasons that digital signage is widely used for passenger information is the fast way in which information can be updated. Passengers can be notified of delays or which gate to go to for boarding the plane with a click of a mouse. They are also used for advertising and brand awareness in airports, one company has over 657,000 digital panels sited in over 45 countries and they have more electronic billboards deployed in Europe than any other competitor.

They have replaced static displays, with digital displays in most of Europe’s airports and have completed an “art tunnel” in New York’s JFK International airport. Once installed the advertising space was quickly sold to Microsoft who used it for branding and to launch new products.

Now airports are moving away from static displays as they have now become dated and with the implementation costs falling for LCD displays and digital signage, this makes digital signage ideal for airports as they can see the benefit of dynamic advertising, if the content is compelling, the audience will pay attention.

The airports are even using large 42” LCD and plasma televisions in the baggage handling areas outdoors, so the handlers know which conveyor belt to put the newly arrived luggage on, for a more efficient service. Here they have to be protected by LCD enclosures from the weather.

Proving that digital advertising is extremely flexible in use and costs, it does however get expensive when organisations require interactive networked digital signage.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Different Technologies used in Digital Signage

Digital Signage has many working partners in it's sector, from signage software, media players and thin clients, they all play a particular part in a digital signage solution.

When a digital signage network is required one major part of the chain that cannot be missed is a network time server, this sychronizes the signage servers all over the world and are accurate to 1 second every million years! This eliminates employing staff at different countries to install or update the signage ads, it can all be controlled from one central location.

One such supplier is Network Timer Servers UK, they offer one of the most cost effective methods of synchronising a data network, even to military standards.

LCD enclosures are used to protect outdoor digital signage whilst the network time servers ensure the ads are kept updated on a constant time line.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Where are LCD enclosures used?

Some people may or may not be aware of protective LCD and plasma TV enclosures. These units offer weatherproof protection for the TV as well as any outdoor digital signage solution and with the massive growth of DOOH, LCD Enclosures Global are also seeing an increase in sales.

Their product range offers IP65 and NEMA 4X protection, ensuring a weatherproof protection, the LCD enclosures can be seen on their LCD enclosure blog.

So back to the question, who and where are they used...

Recently these units have been used in museums that are using digital signage, they have also been used on railroads for digital signage protection, as well as restaurants who uses digital signage to improve drive through promotions.

Other products can be seen on their digital signage blog

Sunday, 10 May 2009

LCD Enclosures - The only choice to Industrial Protection in Factories

Due to the constant development in display technology and the reduction in LCD and plasma television prices over the recent 24 months, now allows companies to install LCD displays on the factory floor, these are used for various applications from:

* Training staff, as a training aid
* To showcase the companies products - ideal for visitors to the plant
* To monitor production

Now the age old problem occurs when you install any computer related electronics device on a production line, were dust, fluid and staff are. If the employees are not trained in the use of the LCD television, the unit will soon fail, like wise if the TV comes in to contact with dust or fluid it will fail very soon.

This is why the need for Industrial Protective enclosures is essential, they protect the LCD from the hazardous external threats, some units protect for basic dust protection, these are IP54 LCD enclosures, now the next level also protects from dust but also fluid, these are IP65 LCD enclosures (NEMA 4X), also called waterproof LCD enclosures.

The basic principles are that the display is mounted on the internal VESA plate, cables up and the IP65 (NEMA 4X) grommets closed to give a waterproof seal around the cables, then the access door to the enclosure is locked, providing a watertight seal against the body of the case, the units should ideally be keyed different to preventing unauthorized access, as you would not want the night shift watching late night TV, would you?

Now you have to look at how you would cool the internal temperature, there are 3 standard ways, all having different uses and at different price levels. Firstly, you could use a plenum cooling system, this uses the positive air flow pressure within the enclosure, replacing hot air with cooled filtered air. Secondly, is the cooling tube option, these are similar to air conditioning units, without any moving parts, so nothing can wear out! On top of this they cost 60% less than air conditioning units and with some units, you can actually set the ideal internal temperature and it kept constant. Lastly is air conditioning, this is designed for use in Middle Eastern countries were the temperature is constantly over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

LCD enclosures for Digital Signage

When companies spend thousands of $ on digital advertising, they need to include for protecting their investment, because we all know that if you do not protect your investment the project will fail.

The most cost effective method of protecting and digital signage hardware from potential abuse is to house the hardware in custom manufactured Outdoor Signage enclosures, these are almost bulletproof! These will protect the displays from vandalism and the media players are stored in their own secure area, preventing unauthorised access.

The options available for security is mind boggling, from high security locks through to swipe card access in to the enclosures. You see the LCD enclosure is the first line of defence in protecting your digital signage investment. You sure wouldn't leave your keys in the ignition of your brand new BMW would you?

There are a hand full of manufacturers of protective TV enclosures who offer a complete solution, however LCD enclosures Global product a range of enclosures for LCDs from 22" up to 70", along with various cooling and heating options, to ensure years of pain free use. They even manufacture a waterproof TV enclosure! These enclosures protect to NEMA 4X and IP65.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Electronic billboard advertising.

We have decided to launch our own blog on our website so that we can manage 1 blog and maintain some good and fresh content.

We will be featuring Out Of Home Advertising and why LCD enclosures are needed.

Were to get Free digital signage software as well as the basics in creating your very own media content for either your standlone outdoor signage solution or your intereactive kiosks.

Electronic billboard advertising blog.

Thank you in advance,

LCD enclosures

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

LCD TV Enclosure - Press Release

LCD Enclosures Global Limited is proud to launch their range of LCD and Plasma TV enclosures for hostile areas; they are only the second Company in the World to do this.

These enclosures protect a standard large format LCD display up to 70" in hostile areas. Areas that normally you wouldn’t site an LCD display, such as in airports, train stations, Universities, hospitals and correctional facilities.

If the displays were left unprotected, they would be subjected to theft, abuse, vandalism as well as the weather. Now there is a solution to protect them, at an affordable price.

In their range of outdoor TV enclosures, they can accommodate from 26” displays up to 70” displays. The units have been developed so they are an easy two person installation.

Their LCD and plasma TV enclosures have three mounting options including: poles, wall or ceiling mount solutions.

Once the LCD display and media player are installed for outdoor digital signage and the door is locked, is then a waterproof LCD enclosure, perfect for outdoor locations in snow, rain and direct sunlight.

The units are cooled either by special filtered fan units or air conditioning units depending upon the application.

One of their recent projects was for a correction facility were LCD displays were being installed and needed protection from potential abuse, these enclosures will extend the lifespan of the televisions in such a hostile area.

More information on their product line can be requested by visiting their website (www.lcdenclosure.co.uk) and get a copy of their current product catalogue. LCD Enclosure Global Limited ship globally and have successfully won projects in Australia, America, Singapore and Europe.

Contact: Graham Gallagher
Telephone: +44 844 3578687

Company Information:
Name: LCD Enclosures Global Ltd
Address: Unit 433 Carlinghurst Business Park
City: Blackburn
State: Lancashire
Country: UK
Phone: +44 844 3578687